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There has been a sudden surge in the number of students opting for the B.Com course. Students are finally seeing the immense possibilities beyond the traditional courses. A B.Com degree not only assures a lucrative job, but will also pave way for a successful, satisfying career in the future.

B.Com stands for Bachelor of Commerce. The three year course requires you to choose multiple subjects, but specialize in one. Here are a few popular specialized fields-

  • Com in Accounting Sciences
  • Com in Business Management
  • Com in Economics
  • Com in Banking etc.,

The B.Com courses is designed to ensure your expertise in private or public sector. With the right set of skills and motivation you can become an expert in your field of specialization, thereby increasing your credibility among your peers.

A B.Com degree ensures a career in a variety of fields. Every company has a financial section, and it requires reliable, well trained professionals who are capable of handling finances and taking care of general transactions. Your position in a company may vary from a managerial position to a business developer, depending on your qualifications, experience and the kind of company you work for. The course also provides enough groundwork for you to become an entrepreneur and start your own business.

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Life after BCA

The BCA course is a three year undergraduate course that is almost on par with the Bachelor of Technology course. BCA focuses not only on the technical aspects of computer programming, but also nourished knowledge in management, communication and organization. A BCA Graduate is expected to be proficient in several widely used programming languages such as SQL, Java, C++, HTML etc.

A BCA degree can fetch you a job as a junior programmer in any of the major IT companies in the country. You can also take up job as a software developer or a software engineer as well. A BCA graduate also has a lucrative career option in the banking sector, manning the IT systems and ensuring that the operations are carried out without any glitch.

BCA can also be a gateway for higher studies that can further improve your career prospects. If you are interested to continue in the IT field, you can choose to study MCA (Master of Computer Application). You could also opt for an MBA degree and focus on your business administration skills. To get into both these courses, you will have to take up their respective entrance exams and satisfy the educational qualifications set by the universities.

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Understanding the Executive MBA program

The traditional 2 year MBA program is one of the most popular MBA programs in the world. However, there are a number of one-year MBA programs and one such MBA program is the executive MBA.

Unlike the traditional MBA programs, one must have special qualifications to be able to apply for an executive MBA. One such prerequisite is prior job experience. A prior job experience will provide the student with a first-hand exposure to the corporate world and will help him/ her grasp the concepts clearly.

An executive MBA will provide the students with a prime opportunity to meet students with varied job experience, which will provide an excellent experience. Unlike traditional MBA, the students will have a more hands on approach and the classes are expected to be predominantly interactive in nature.

The cut off rates and competition for executive MBA is far less than that of traditional MBA, but the final benefits are just the same. However, since the number of institutes that offer executive MBA programs are relatively low, the competition does get hard. Although the executive MBA can be pursued along with the existing careers, one has to learn to manage both quite effectively. However, a year of hard work and reap phenomenal benefits almost immediately after the course finishes.

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Qualifying for an MBA program

THE MBA Program was designed to equip engineers and scientist with credible managerial skills to help lead a successful team in a business environment. An MBA degree is almost a necessity for people trying to bag a managerial position in a company. The program is designed to cater to students without a business or a management background as well, and is one of the most sought after degree programs in the world.
Most MBA schools accept students from any undergraduate background, however, and undergraduate degree is a prerequisite. It is widely opted for by students of engineering, science, math and other technical backgrounds. It is the norm for many students to opt to work for a couple of years before they get into an MBA program. This gives them a wider exposure, and a better understanding of the corporate culture, which help them to succeed in their MBA course. Having a few years of work experience will also entitle the students to opt for a one year executive MBA, instead of the traditional two year course. However, a prior job experience is not mandatory to be qualified for an MBA program.
The student is however, expected to have passed the undergraduate course with the minimal passing requirements for the program. The CAT (Common Admission Test) exam is taken into consideration by most MBA schools, and some schools also have their own entrance exams that the candidate is expected to pass. This exam establishes the areas in which the student is adept at and will help them to choose the right MBA course.

Tips to choose your MBA specialization

When people think of MBA they invariably think of three major courses- finance, marketing or management. However, MBA programs offer a variety of specializations for you to choose from, and giving you a wider scope. Being aware of these various MBA specializations will enable you to make better choices, and give you a wider range of career opportunities. Choosing an appropriate specialization that interests you will not only make your career a successful one, but will also drive you to achieve more in your chosen field.

Here are a few unconventional MBA choices for you to choose from-

  • MBA in health care management- Health care industry is one of the fastest growing industries, and requires efficient management skills to organize and manage the various aspects of a medical facility.
  • MBA in Marketing- one of the most sought after MBA courses in today’s times, this provides a vast career opportunities for you to choose from. You can get into a number of fields such as marketing, public relations, advertising, and a number of other related industries.
  • MBA in communication: An MBA in communications will equip you to work in fields that require you to interact with people on a regular basis such as media, journalism, public relations etc.
  • MBA in entrepreneurship: An MBA in Entrepreneurship is one of the most sought after specializations by companies that are looking to reinvent themselves, and to update their business modules to comply with the current trends.

Why Do an MBA in India

India is fast growing to be an educational hub of the world, providing quality education at the fraction of the price compared to the advanced countries in the world. Not only are we racing ahead in the field of science and technology, but also in the field of FINANCES and management.

India is home to some of the premier management studies institutes in the world, such as the IIM, which provides excellent education to the students, and also results in impressive job prospects. The objective of an MBA degree is to strengthen your dormant managerial aspects. The program enhances several lifestyle prospects such as leadership, communication, decision making etc.

The MBA program in India is quite transparent, and one can easily secure a seat in any of the premier MBA institutes through skilled aptitude alone. Since the entrance exams do not concentrate on the candidate’s knowledge on FINANCES or management, it makes it easier for students of all UG backgrounds to get into an MBA program. One can easily obtain financial aids from several channels, which provide convenient payment options. Most banks expect the students to start repaying their loans only after they get a job, which eliminates the financial hurdles quite effectively.

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